website diy in 2 weeks

You need a website. 

A website that reflects your brand, your personality, and your business. 

A website that your customers can find through search engines, navigate easily, and enjoy spending time on.

But you don’t have the money to spend on a web designer.

If only you had the time, knowledge and expertise to create a jaw-dropping WordPress website for your business.

You can teach yourself WordPress for free.

There’s hundreds of Youtube videos and ‘how-to’ tutorials out there just waiting for you to dive into. They were created for various WordPress themes, across a number of years, showing different versions of WordPress (we’re up to 4.3.1 now).

So how do you know which ones to trust?

Where should you start? Which theme should you pick?

The truth about DIY!

It’s not free. Even if no money changes hands, it’s not free. Your time is valuable. Don’t waste it scavenging the Internet for tiny morsels of WordPress knowledge.

I spent so long learning how to create one single WordPress website.

I fell in love with a WordPress theme (the framework on which the websites are built) and found out too late it was far too complicated for a beginner. With so many hours (and tears) already invested, I was determined to push forward and see this through to completion. And I did. Spurred on by my success I continued to teach myself WordPress skills until I became a professional web designer, developer and SEO expert (that last part means I can help you get your business found by search engines).

Don’t waste your time.

When I was learning how to build a WordPress website, I didn’t have many options. There weren’t any courses available to take me through the process step-by-step. Instead, I created my own library of lessons by bolting together Youtube videos and free ‘how to’ tutorials.

I now have a handbook of my hard-won knowledge that I still use to this day. Would you like to peek inside?

Everything you need to know, in one place.

I’ve squished my knowledge and experience into this step-by-step 2-week programme to help you create a website you love.

Everything you need to know will be in this one resource. No scampering around the Internet looking for answers. No staring into your coffee worrying about how to get this done. I’ve got everything you need and I am holding your hand (metaphorically, you can’t code when someone is literally holding your hand).

You can build the website of your dreams with my guidance while learning the WordPress skills you will need to make changes and updates in the future.

develop-your-websiteIf you’re a slow and steady type, this course isn’t for you.

I’ve designed this programme to create massive momentum. You will learn new skills + create a powerful new website for your business in just two weeks. To achieve this goal we need to make progress every day. No doubting, no dawdling.

My step-by-step videos and written training materials will take you through seven assignments, spread over the two weeks.

Here’s a glimpse at what I’ve got planned for you.assignment-1

Securing Your Spot On The Web

How to choose and buy your domain name, find the right hosting package for your business, and install WordPress in your little corner of the Web.




Dominate Your Dashboard

A guided tour of your WordPress dashboard, plus how to set up your widgets, settings and pages for your website.



Installing The Framework

Your theme is similar to the timber framework of a house; it gives the structural support needed while creating the outline and layout of the final building. Then I’ll show you how to install it.



The Twiddly Bits

The twiddly bits are the plug-ins and other essential add-ons you’ll need to make your website sing, dance and make your wishes come true. It’s how you customize the theme to work for your business. I’ll help you figure out the features you need, the plugins that can deliver that functionality, and how to get them all working together.

assignment-5Time To Write Your Site

Clever themes, stunning colour schemes and gorgeous design won’t mean a thing until you write the words for your website. I will help you map out the content you need, then get the words out of your head and onto the screen (or paper, if you prefer the old skool methods).



This One Is A Surprise!

Sorry, no sneaky peeks at this assignment. We’re going to take your first draft and get it ready for launch.



Tweak, Launch, Promote

I will share my little-known secrets of WordPress development  – the simple tweaks that can make your website look better and run faster. Plus how to share your beautiful creation with your ideal audience. Each assignment will take you 1-3 hours to complete

Plus: The single most effective way to accelerate your WordPress development.

This is a collaboration, not a solo mission. Throughout the two weeks, you have three 20 minutes 1-1 coaching calls. Just me, you and your questions. You don’t have to share my attention with anyone else.

These coaching calls alone would cost £150 per hour

Plus: Your secret support group.

proof-read-2When you sign up, I will give you access to my exclusive Facebook students group. Ask questions, exchange tips, get feedback. Be carried through the two weeks on a wave of enthusiasm from your fellow WordPress students, and lean on me (and them) whenever you need some support.

And after the two weeks is up?

You’ll have lifetime access to the course and the Facebook group. Your WordPress wizardry is only just beginning. I know how addictive building and updating websites can be. Whether you want to build a new website or update your existing one, all the training materials will be available to you whenever you need them.

Limited Spaces – Secure Yours Now

I will be personally investing my time, energy and enthusiasm into every course delegate, through the Facebook Group and our 1-1 calls. So that I can give you each the attention you deserve, I have limited the spaces available.

And this is the last time I am running this course in 2015. If you want to kick-start the New Year with a great looking website that you have complete control over, this is your chance.

Chicks Who Code WordPress Course No Hassle Guarantee

I take websites very seriously. I want your website to pack a wow, clients to compliment it, and for you to be besotted with it.

If at the end of the course you don’t feel happy just email me and let me know. I will work with you to make it right.

I want you to be shouting from the rooftops about your new amazing online presence.

I have been building websites for several years, for hundreds of happy customers. I want to add your name to the list.

Everything you need to create a WordPress website you love, in just two weeks!

This isn’t just an online learning programme. It’s an action-orientated sequence of assignments that prompts you to build your website as your learn.

I provide:

  • The training videos and support materials needed to teach you how to build your first WordPress website.
  • Seven assignments that take you from having no web presence to a fully functional, engaging, website in just two weeks.
  • Three one-to-one calls with me to accelerate your progress.

Plus – access to the exclusive Facebook Group for peer support, feedback and ideas.

Plus – lifetime access to all the materials. Want to make changes or even build another site? Come back and revisit the materials, whenever you want.

Start 2016 with a stunning website for your business, and a new toolkit of WordPress skills for yourself.

Secure your place now.